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NEWS FLASH: October 23, 2006: The winner of our 2006 contest has just been announced! You can read Jeanne Dickson's winning entry (and a few others) here.

     Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather cools, the shadows grow longer, and the dark comes earlier. So I'm ready to celebrate, and what better way for a spooky writer to celebrate the month of October than with spooky stories?

     Tell me the truth - have you ever seen, heard, or just known something that no one else would believe? A shadowy figure, a premonition, a near-death experience? Did your fatherís watch stop working at the moment of his death? Your grandmother's portrait fall off the wall? Ever lived in a haunted house? What about that creepy feeling in the middle of the night that somethingís watching you?

     Tell me about it! Send me an email with the words 'Ghost Story Contest' in the subject line and let it all out. You can remain anonymous if you like.

     On October 21st, 2006 (just before Halloween!) Iíll choose the spookiest experience and publish it here. The winner will receive a Halloween Demitasse Gift Box of Godiva chocolate (something sweet) and a copy of The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories (something scary).

     Go ahead, send me an email and tell me your ghost story. You know you want to. :)