A Nicki Styx Mystery
Book 1

A Nicki Styx Mystery
Book 2

A Nicki Styx Mystery
Book 3

A Nicki Styx Mystery
Book 4

A Nicki Styx Mystery
Book 5

Devil's Bargain Series
Book 1

Devil's Bargain Series
Book 2

A Nicki Styx novella

A Nicki Styx novella,
and a collection of
other spooky shorts

A Halloween collection
of spooky stories
designed to make
your heart beat faster!

A Nicki Styx novella
and three other tales by
some of the biggest names in today's paranormal fiction!

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Book #1 in the Nicki Styx series

A brush with death and an unexpected glimpse of the afterlife has left Nicki Styx with some unwanted psychic gifts. She can now see and hear the dead, and much to her dismay, some of them are pretty determined to be heard. With a new lease on life and a vintage clothing business to run, Nicki would prefer to remain quietly in the shadows, but when a friend is murdered after selling her soul to the Devil, Nicki’s gift—and her rapidly growing conscience—land her in some very deep Voodoo.

Book #2 in the Nicki Styx series
(formerly titled A Match Made In Hell)

An old Savannah house full of spirits and secrets holds the key to Nicki Styx’s childhood beginnings, and a possible explanation for her newfound ability to speak to the dead. Her psychic gifts seem to run in the family, but it’s a family that Nicki knows very little about. With rocking chairs on the porch and a skeleton in every closet, the Blue Dahlia is quite definitely haunted, but by whom—or what—is a mystery.

Book #3 in the Nicki Styx series

Having been to the Light, now helping lost souls to find it, Nicki Styx has made herself a target for the Devil himself. The world's first fallen angel, the Original lost soul, is determined to lead Nicki into temptation, and Nicki, haunted by the troubled spirit of an angry young woman, must plumb the depths of her own dark side in order to resist his tricks. Nicki wants to believe that no lost soul is beyond saving, but this time, she has to work very hard to save her own.

Book #4 in the Nicki Styx series

All I haunt for Christmas is you…

Happily ever after isn’t always found beneath the mistletoe, and Scrooge isn’t the only person who’s had to deal with ghosts during the holidays. Nicki Styx can see and speak to spirits, and this year she’s haunted by three in particular -- the Three Fates, otherwise known as the Moirae: spinners of nightmares, destroyers of dreams, three wickedly ruthless demi-goddesses who have chosen to repay Nicki for her interference in the spirit world.

Book #5 in the Nicki Styx series!

Happily engaged and ready to start her new life, Nicki Styx is still troubled by the spirits of the restless dead, begging her to pass on messages to those they've left behind.

Imogene Martin, a flamboyant 1960's star of film and screen, claims to have been smothered in her sleep, but is she telling the truth about who killed her, or just looking for one more moment in the spotlight? Nicki's "I do" becomes a "whodunit?" as she learns that her happily-ever-after will only come after Imogene Martin get hers.

A Nicki Styx novella, and other spooky tales!

Nicki Styx returns in a brand-new novella entitled "Personal Demons", along with a selection of original, never-before-published supernatural short stories!

Ghosts, demons, vampires, zombies, witches and werewolves, all in one collection. Take a little stroll through the graveyard, and don't forget to whistle!

Book #1 in the Devil's Bargain series!

Samael the Fallen, High Prince of Darkness, has reigned for eons in the depths of Sheol. His powers are strong and his tricks are many, but eternity as a fallen angel is a lonely existence, and Sammy’s most recent dealings with mortals have left him more aware of that than ever. When offered a final opportunity at redemption, Sammy must decide whether there is anything of the angel he once was still lurking within his heart, or whether the Darkness within his soul has claimed him forever.

Book #2 in the Devil's Bargain series!

Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest...

...and no one knows that better than Samael the Fallen, High Prince of Darkness. Once an angel, now cast down, Samael decides to prove to his onetime celestial brother, the Archangel Gabriel, that when forbidden fruit comes in the form of a woman, it can be very hard to resist.

A Nicki Styx novella

A missing bridesmaid, some embarrassing relatives, and a "girls night out" gone bad land Nicki Styx in the middle of a murder mystery. Can she expose the killer, put a poor girl's soul to rest, and still look calm, cool and collected while wearing the ugliest bridesmaid dress on earth?

A Halloween Anthology

Three of today's hottest authors of paranormal fiction join in the telling of three new spellbinding tales of
fantasy and romance!