(Since Handbags and Gladrags exists
only in imagination, you're going to have to use yours!)

Look, there's Nicki now, welcoming you to her virtual world!

The glamorous gowns of the 50's and 60's,
the funky fashions of the 60's and 70's
vintage jewelry, vintage fashion, vintage purses
Handbags and Gladrags stocks them all!

Want to see some examples of what Nicki considers cool?

Vintage Jewelry     Vintage Purses
Glamour Gowns
Styles of the 60's (Peace, Love and Rock-n-roll, Baby!)

Oh, look! There's Evan! He'll be happy to help you, too... nothing makes the man happier than making someone look FABULOUS!
(Aw, now I've gone and embarrassed him!)

Want to know if that top goes with those pants?
Dare to wear white after Labor Day?
Visit some of Evan's favorite fashionista blogs
to be in the know!

Frugal Fashionistas

Up for a little celebrity fashion gossip?
You must try:

Go Fug Yourself
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Come to the Dark Side

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Oh, no! Looks like Nicki's got her hands full
with yet another spooky little problem!

Go back to the author's home site and read some excerpts
from Nicki's past adventures while she gets things under control!

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That I Haunt

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Ghouls Night Out


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